You’ve probably heard of websites needing to be responsive or mobile friendly. Google is prioritising website searches where the site is optimised for mobiles – and more than 70% of people are now searching on a smartphone or other mobile device. 
In 2017, it’s going to be even more important that your site is responsive – on all mobile devices. Recent Google research indicates that over 85% of websites are meeting their criteria for being mobile friendly – so it’s important not to get left behind. If you want your customers to find you easily you need to make sure your site works well on a mobile. 
There’s even some research from Ericsson that says websites that are slow to load actually cause stress that’s equivalent to someone watching a horror movie! 
I’ve spoken to many clients who look at their website on my iPhone and say, “Well, it’s working OK isn’t it?” And the answer is yes – it works technically, but what about the customer experience? Can they really see those tiny drop-down boxes? Where is the navigation? What are those small photos? Do they have to pinch and zoom in to find information? It’s all about making it super easy for your customers to interact with your site. Believe me, the vast majority of people who have to squint at a screen, fiddle with zooming in or just can’t find what they want will very quickly move on to a site that’s easy to use. And you’ll be losing out.  
Take the Google Mobile Friendly test to find out if your site is responsive – or I can run a more detailed free Health Check for you. 
Speed matters 
It’s OK being mobile friendly and having a site that “kind of” works on a smartphone or tablet. Google are now looking at the speed your pages load – and according to them, faster sites lead to happy users. 
Ignore mobile at your peril! 
Statistics are now indicating that mobile represent a massive 65 per cent of time spent searching online. And by the end of 2017 the predictions are that 60 per cent of online shopping traffic will come through mobile devices. This makes it even more important to have a responsive website for your business – large or small. 
Here’s a quick video of what I’m talking about. That’s responsive in action. 
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