What’s a blog? 
You’ve probably heard of blogging, but may wonder what it’s all about. Well, originally called weblogs, these posts started out as articles that people posted on their websites, or blogging platforms. According to Google, a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”. 
Why have a blog? 
Having a series of regular blog posts creates more pages, which can be indexed by the search engines. This in turn leads to more search visibility, which leads to increased website traffic.  
Blogging keeps your content FRESH – Google loves a blog! The search engines are all looking for new content – and a blog is a fantastic way to make sure that the content on your website is refreshed. 
And thinking about your different marketing channels, if you’re using social media as part of your strategy, then of course your blogs can be shared on Facebook and Twitter – ensuring a wider audience. 
Writing a regular blog is a great way of demonstrating that you are an expert in your field – and of course, what you want is engagement with your audience. So by building up your authority, you’ll get more followers – and ultimately will improve your conversion rates – as people will be more likely to use your services. 
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How to make your blog work for you 

Use a standard layout - put a short introduction first, then use lots of subheadings to break up your blog into bite-sized chunks, for easy reading. 
Use anchors in your text so that people can jump quickly to key words, or links to other sites of interest. 
Put social sharing buttons in the text to encourage sharing, and add Click to Tweet boxes using a quote from the blog. 
Make sure your headlines are catchy e.g. “17 ways to massively grow your business!” – but not cheesy (unless you’re going for the comedy angle!) 
Use numbers, how to guides, free stuff – these are really popular and people like sharing them too. 
Create a PDF of your content that can be downloaded – here’s where you can get real engagement. By having some great content that people want to use, you can capture their email address by offering them an e-book, lists, guides, how to’s, for example. Make sure everything has got your brand on it – so that people start to recognise you in the market place. 

11 top tips for generating LOADS of ideas for your blog today 

1. Take one idea and turn it into several smaller “chunks” 
2. What are your competitors blogging about? 
3. What keywords do you want to leverage? 
4. Look for similar blogs and get ideas 
5. Check out Google Autocomplete for common questions and queries 
6. Tell a story with “How I….” 
7. Use old content and re-write it 
8. Turn ideas into “How not to…” listing common mistakes 
9. Create lists (and use an odd number – strangely it works!): e.g. Top tools for… Best resources for… Product reviews 
10. Write about topics with data, numbers, and statistics 
11. Create an infographic about your topic (I love Canva for this) 
Follow up, follow up, follow up 
Once you’re on the way with your blogging, it’s critical to follow up on each and every lead that you get, so that you have the chance to convert it into some business. 
Happy blogging! 
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