Fixed sidebar 

A fixed sidebar is typically added to the left-hand side of a website at full height, and is always shown. This is a great way to keep your branding, contact information, and potentially your navigation present at all times as visitors browse your website. 

Grid layout 

A grid layout is a modern and highly visual way of structuring your website. Content such as text and images will be laid out in boxes, which helps to create a more balanced and eye-catching look and feel to engage your website visitors with. 

Overlapping content 

Overlapping content is another highly contemporary way of styling your website pages. Content such as blocks of text and images are arranged so that they overlap one another, which helps to draw attention and create a visually interesting design. 

Splash page 

A splash page is a high impact image that fills the screen when you first land on a website. It can appear at the top of the home page or be a separate page in its own right, and is typically used to grab attention and give visitors a teaser of the website they’re about to view. 
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