Horizontal navigation 

A horizontal navigation menu is the standard style used on most websites. Page links are displayed along the top of the website so that visitors can easily find the page they need as soon as they land on the site. 

Vertical navigation 

A vertical navigation bar is typically displayed on the left-hand side, and can be a great option for websites with lots of pages or pages with long names, as these can cause a horizontal navigation menu to look cluttered, or to wrap onto multiple lines. 

Sticky navigation 

A sticky navigation menu is ideal if you want your visitors to able to easily navigate your website as they scroll. The navigation bar will move into a fixed position at the top of the page when people start scrolling, but will stick to its original position once they reach the top of the page again. 

Fixed navigation 

A fixed navigation bar is another great option if you want to allow your visitors to access the menu at any time whilst they explore your website. This will appear at either the top or side of the page, and will remain fixed in this position as you scroll. 

Navigation appears on scroll 

If your website features a full-page image when your first land on it, having your navigation menu appear as you start scrolling is an easy way to make your website easy to navigate without lessening the initial impact. 

Burger navigation 

Burger navigation menus are typically seen on websites when browsing on a mobile device, but they can also be incorporated into your full-size website design. This gives you the option of having a hidden menu which is useful when you have lots of pages, and can be used alongside a horizontal navigation bar to allow navigation to less important pages. 

Icon navigation 

This is a paid extra that can be added to your website design. Incorporating icons into your menu bar can help to make your navigation into a visual feature by making it stand out and adding an interactive element to your website. 
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