Typography is how the text on your website is styled using different fonts and sizing. Big, bold typography and mixing and matching different font styles are two popular trends that can really help your website to stand out and grab your visitors’ attention. 

Large videos 

Adding a video that fills the page - or a background video - to your website is a great way to make your site contemporary and eye-catching. Videos are an extremely effective way of marketing your business, and can be used on your website to give visitors an idea of what your company does, to showcase the kind of products you are selling, or to tell a story about the emotions and experiences your services can create. 


A gradient is a visual effect where two or more colours blend into one another, and it can be used on your website to add depth and originality. Gradients can be subtle or vibrant, and can be applied over images, used as backgrounds for content, or made into an animated background section as a paid extra. 

Bold colours 

The colours used on your website are very important as they help to create the overall tone of the design and can be used to influence people’s perception of your business. Using bold colours is a great way to make your website memorable, and to draw your visitors’ attention to important content. 


Websites designed in the minimalist style are often simple, clean, and modern in appearance. This works brilliantly for sites that require less content, as individual elements can be made to stand out in a way that is elegant and easy to navigate. 
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